Wine list

Good wine is the expression of the character of its birthplace and of the people who made it. In Georgia, winemaking tradition dates back to the formation of the country and during archeological excavations scientists have found grape stones of the variation vitis vinifera sativa. At Stoczek 1929 we pride ourselves on serving some of the finest wines from Georgia and contributing just a little bit to this great tradition. A description of our wines is given below;


A high quality, dry wine. Aroma: Notes of flowers, tropical fruits (bananas), vanilla and bread crust. Taste: Wine with a pleasant, lively acidity; full-bodied, silky and well balanced. Citrusy finish. Drink with fish, white meat and vegetable dishes.

Bottle 75,-

Kondoli Mtsvane Kisi

Dry. Aroma: Ripe gooseberry, dry herbs, wet straw and sweet-sour aromas. Accentuated meadow flowers, chamomile, flowers of linden and propolis. Taste: Wine with good base, solid extract and delicately piquant finish and notes of mustard seeds, hay and ripe apple. Drink with poultry and rice dishes or as an aperitif.

Bottle 85,-

Kondoli Rkatsiteli

Dry. Aroma: Sharp fruits: ripe pear, apple, crab apple, exotic flowers and a faint aroma of tropical fruits. Taste: A well balanced wine that is weighty and quite thick. Lightly leafy, it has a bitterness and waxy background, with quite a long finish of herbs. Intensive. Drink with poultry, shellfish and ripe cheese.

Bottle 85,-

Satrapezo 10 Kvevri

A specially selected limited edition dry wine. Aroma: A flowery-fruity aroma of young and fresh wine. Taste: Perfectly well balanced sweetness and sourness. Drink with pork, veal and poultry dishes.

Bottle 220,-


Dry. Aroma: Blackcurrant combined with ripe pear and raspberry. Taste: Well balanced, fresh with a large quantity of red fruits and a piquant, long and balanced finish. Drink with fish and cold cuts.

Bottle 85,-Glass 16,-


Semi dry. Colour: Intense dark colour of pomegranate with a purple hue. Aroma: Rich aromas of blackberries, forest fruits and prune. Taste: Balanced and harmonious, full of flavour. Drink with pork, pasta and floury dishes.

Bottle 70,-


Dry red. Aroma: Strong, with a note of piquant, with a rich aroma of cherries and blackberries. Taste: Good fruity texture underlined with delicate tannins and a character of saperavi. Quite long finish with spices and forest fruit notes. Good with red meat.

Bottle 70,-Glass 16,-


Dry. Aroma: Complex and rich bouquet with a strong coffee aroma and notes of ripe cherries and blackberries. Notes of chocolate, tobacco and earth combine with black pepper and vanilla. Taste: A full wine, well rounded, with softly dissolved tannins. Good with roasted meat and game.

Bottle 100,-


Semi-dry. Aroma: Elegant aroma of blackberries, wild rose, raisins and almonds. Taste: A well balanced natural aroma of sweetness and sharpness. Good with both deserts and cakes.

Bottle 126,-

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